Soudamini S


Soudamini S

Principal Data Scientist

MUST Research

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Lets learn from each other. I will be your soundingboard through thicks and thins. Will make sure that you become self sufficient and confident to takle any interview . I will be invested in your success! Lets celebrate the wins!

About Soudamini S

Interview Prep plan contains curated learning resources, 3 sessions (interview process, profile review and 2 mock interviews), slack support for a month. Prepping for Statistics, ML,DL,System Design and Problem solving/DSA rounds(SQL or DBMS depending on the company). Can also use the 3 sessions for guiding and executing a handson project. I have 18+ years of working experience with Microsoft. Built and shipped multiple products (including Windows, Bing) at Microsoft. Played multiple roles including Software Engineer, Software Engineer in Test, Principle Data Scientist and Manager. Was recognized as best manager at Microsoft. Working as a freelance mentor, teacher, content creator and principal data scientist at MUST Research ( Budding startup). Three patents to the credit, two publications, been speaker at multiple conferences.


Leadership & Communication

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Deploying ML Models On Cloud (MLOps)



English, Hindi


20+ years of total experience

MUST Research

Principal Data Scientist

2021 - Present


Principal Data Scientist

2003 - 2021


Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

2001 - 2003

What mentees are saying about Soudamini S

Soudamini's knowledge of ML systems is incredible and she ensures that a candidate is well prepared with their basics for the ML Engineering role. Her approach to interviewing is also a way of teaching the candidate of how to approach complicated systems and come up with a solution during the interview in a systematic manner. I would recommend any candidate to take up multiple sessions with her in-order to learn variety and help in preparation.

-Krishna Durai

Soudamini madam, explained the process of interview at tech companies and their expectations.

-Sai Kumar

Real time interview scenarios explained very well. Looking forward to connect.

-Babasaheb Pinjar

very knowlegdeable, was able to point me in right direction and share relevant resources

-Kalaiarsi P

Understanding and helpful. Helped me with my GitHub, LinkedIn as well as interview questions.

-Aryan Yadav

Very understanding, gave detailed opinion and insights to my questions. Helped understand how an answer is expected in an interview.

-Manideep G

Had a good trial session. Mentor was helpful and provided action plan on how to proceed.


Soudamini was very knowledgeable and was able to clarify my doubts about my transition. She also helped me find the topics/things i should be focusing on.

-Kalaiarsi P

The session was definitely an eye opener. She was very humble and down to earth and the conversation with her was very easy. It helped me understand what i want to do with my career.

-Monika Iyer

Mam patiently listened to my interests and career goals, carved out a realistic plan in-order for me to maximise chances for achieving those goals.

-Prateek Pani

The sessions with mam, particularly the mock interview ones, are quite close to real-time interviews which helped in exposing gaps in my understandings. She gives tips to where to work on and comes up with actionable steps.

-Prateek Pani

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