Utkarsh Goel


Utkarsh Goel

staff software engineer

Walmart Labs India

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The one thing which will make me happy is seeing you succeed. We need to work together and have a realistic plan for the goals. We will discuss both on the technical side and soft skills side and will help you in keeping your motivation up.

About Utkarsh Goel

Hi, My name is Utkarsh and I completed my Engineering in Computer Science in 2013. Post that I have been fortunate to work with Big MNCs to Startups working on Backend Systems, Microservices and Data Platforms that breathes Distributed Systems. In all of my companies, I have focussed on learning and be a better engineer. Coming to mentorship, the thought came from the evident gap b/w our curriculum and the industry expectations and also for senior professionals to give proper feedback on their skills. So, this is a genuine effort to give back to the community and help people in the right direction.






System Design

Java Springboot





Distributed Systems



Elastic Search

Bangalore Urban


English, Hindi


10+ years of total experience

Walmart Labs India

staff software engineer

2016 - Present


Software Engineer 2

2015 - 2016

Amadeus Labs

Software Engineer

2013 - 2015


Vellore Institute of Technology

2009 - 2013

What mentees are saying about Utkarsh Goel

An informative session where I get detailed feedback.He also resolved other doubts.Plus helped in all the things required from communication to format of resume to other things in the mock session.A very productive session.

-ankur kumar

Utkarsh spoke about the process he follows and tried to understand and connect with me and my goals.

-Akash Singh

Knowledgeable and experienced in Distributed systems and in designing. Able to capture the minute details of system and use these in challenging the candidate. He also list down all the points very nicely, where I can improve. Very useful. Thanks!

-Mohit Gupta

Utkarsh sir helped me in clarifying my doubts regarding how he can help me if I went along with him and basically told me how he can help me in approaching a question in an interview which is something I lack and he also told me how to approach any question in an interview which was quite helpful.

-Aayush Jha

Utkarsh provided very detailed feedback for all my questions.Learnt a lot. Thanks for taking this session.

-ankur kumar

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